Working Papers
    Keyword:Sustainable Finance, Financial Stability , Ecosystem services
    Serial Number:WP 02/2023
    Date:1 August, 2023
    Biodiversity-related Financial Risks – why it matters and how can we measure them? Case study of Georgia

    Negative Externalities of Financial Dollarization

    Valida Pantsulaia, Ana Jangveladze and Shalva Mkhatrishvili

    Keyword:Monetary Policy, Dollarization
    Serial Number:WP 01/2023
    Date:27 April, 2023
    Negative externalities of financial dollarization
    Keyword:Artificial Intelligence , Monetary Policy
    Serial Number:WP 02/2022
    Date:17 November, 2022
    Application of Artificial Intelligence for Monetary Policy-Making
    Keyword:Central Bank Digital Currencies, Monetary Policy, Financial Stability , Payment Systems
    Serial Number:NBG WP 01/2022
    Date:2 September, 2022
    What we know on Central Bank Digital Currencies (so far)