Dispute Resolution Commission

    The Dispute Resolution Commission with the National Bank of Georgia provides an alternative dispute resolution mechanism and is an independent body.

    The Commission considers the complaints of the payment service user collegially (on the principle of the majority of votes), regarding the dispute between the user and the payment service provider, which are related to the possible breach of the rights and obligations arising from the legislation regulating the field of payment services.

    The user has the right to file a complaint with the Dispute Resolution Commission if the user believes that there has been an unauthorized transaction (performed without user’s consent) with a payment card, internet bank and mobile bank, a breach of the payment transaction deadline, incorrectly executed transaction, incorrect deduction of commission and other similar cases.

    The Commission will review the dispute within no more than 90 calendar days. Considering the complexity of the case, it is possible to extend the dispute review period by no more than additional 30 calendar days. Disputes are considered in the Commission free of charge. In addition, aside from resolving the dispute in favor of one of the parties, taking the circumstances of the case and the agreement of the parties into account, the commission is authorized to settle the dispute amicably. Commission decisions can be appealed to a court.