Supervisory Strategy

    The National Bank develops and publishes a three-year Supervision Strategy Paper. It contains strategic priorities and plans for the activities required for implementation, considering the NBG mission, vision and values and implementation of its supervisory mandate. 


    The document promotes effective planning of the NBG functions and presents future vision for employees, while also increasing predictability of the sector for future events, providing access to information on supervisory priorities and plans for investors, international financial institutions and rating agencies, the public and other stakeholders.


    The NBG makes sure the supervision strategy document is updated on an annual basis, and is published in the first half of the yar.


    The first supervisory strategy document was published by the National Bank in 2020. It included the strategic priorities for 2020-2022 and the activities planned for implementation.

    2023 - 2025 Supervisory Priorities


    Document Title
    Supervisory Strategy 2023 - 2025