Gold Bars Certificates

    Certificate Prices and Sale Quantity for the National Bank of Georgia Gold Bars


    Gold certificate denomination in grams
    Sales Quantity
    Purchase price (GEL)
    Sales price (GEL)
    Date of Update
    20 GEGC00200034 83               4,169.97             4,513.88 6/17/2024
    1000 GEGC10000044 3          208,498.46         225,694.21 6/17/2024


    Prices are updated every business day before 10:00 AM


    • Gold bar certificates are issued by the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) and are perpetual and interest-free securities that confirm the holder’s right to receive the appropriate standardized gold bar from the NBG through a commercial bank or micro-bank (Bank).
    • NBG is obliged to possess the standardized gold bar corresponding to the denomination of the certificate. When requested to cash-out the certificate, under the terms and conditions established by the NBG, the NBG is obliged to provide the corresponding standardized gold bar (bars) to the holder of the certificate (through the Bank acting in holder’s behalf).
    • Holders of a gold bar certificate can use this instrument to perform operations permitted for securities, such as: purchase, sale or pledging through the Georgian Securities Settlement System (GSSS).
    • There is a standardized gold bar for each gold bar certificate; the weight of the bar corresponds with the denomination of the certificate; the gold bars are kept in the NBG’s vault.
    • Gold bars are produced by the Royal Mint of Great Britain.
    • Bars are pure - 999.9 Fine Gold
    • Gold bars corresponding to the gold bar certificate are issued from the NBG vault through the Bank.

    * In specialcircumstances, the NBG has the right to refuse the sale and/or repurchase of gold certificates.