Credit Conditions Survey

    The National Bank of Georgia has been conducting a quarterly credit condition survey since 2013. The survey is conducted through an online platform, and the respondents are senior managers of banking sector. The purpose of the survey is to obtain information from respondents on current and future trends in lending. In particular, the survey includes questions about demand on loans and changes in interest and non-interest terms of lending to individuals and legal entities, as well as questions about the factors causing this changes.


    The questionnaire consists of only qualitative questions and does not require quantitative evaluation by respondents. In order to convert information into quantitative units, the methodology of balance sheet statistics is used. The index ranges from -100 to 100. 100 indicates that 100% of respondents perceive a significant improvement in the trend, while the Index -100 indicates that 100% of respondents perceive a significant deterioration. 0 means that the trend has not changed compared to the previous quarter. When calculating the index, the answers of the respondents are given equal weight, regardless of the size of the bank.


    Based on the analysis of the survey results, a report is prepared, which can be seen below. In addition to the final results of the survey, this report includes official statistical information on lending trends.


    The expectations presented in this report reflect only the assessment of the respondents of the credit conditions survey on the future trend of lending and not the expectations of the representatives of the National Bank of Georgia.


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