Capital Market Supervision

    The main functions of the National Bank of Georgia pertaining to the regulation of the securities market are: protecting investors’ interests in the securities market, ensuring transparency, establishing fair rules/procedures and maintaining free competition.

    In this regard, the National Bank performs various activities that include setting requirements and monitoring activities associated with the public offering of the securities and their circulation, corporate governance, periodic reporting, and other responsibilities of those issuers whose securities are admitted to public trading, and providing/revoking licenses to the market participants, as well as supervising their activities. In addition, National Bank of Georgia lists all the recognised market participants on its official web-page authorized to carry out a regulated activity. In addition, only licensed brokerage companies are eligible to act as intermediaries and carry out forex trading activities.


    The National Bank of Georgia cooperates with various international organizations and market participants in order to promote capital market development, increase market transparency and protect investors.