Digital Bank

    The National Bank of Georgia promotes the development of new technologies and innovative approaches in the financial sector to increase financial stability and financial inclusion. To this end, the National Bank of Georgia is introducing a supervisory approach that is risk-neutral from technology viewpoint, and open regulation principles. These principles are an integral part of the National Bank's Supervision Strategy for 2020-2022.


    The National Bank of Georgia is currently considering the development of principles for licensing a digital bank in Georgia. By developing the digital bank model, the National Bank aims to promote: the development of innovative business models; diversity of financial products; making better use of large data; development of a customized, convenient, fast and affordable digital financial ecosystem based on the technology infrastructure available around the customers; efficient use of cloud services; simplified integration with technology companies and development of a banking model as a service in the wholesale market; entry of new technology players and boosted competition in the financial sector.


    The NBG supervision goals include: introduction of new risk mitigation mechanisms in the process of developing a new digital bank model, development of modern credibility standards for personal data security in cyberspace and improvement of systemic risk and financial stability risk management. National Bank of Georgia views the lack of protection consumer rights and interests as systemic risks, which may potentially have a negative impact on the development of the financial system and financial stability.