The National Bank of Georgia, as well as the Ministry of Finance and the National Statistical Office of Georgia, is responsible for producing and disseminating economic and financial data. Since May 17, 2010 Georgia has been a member of IMF’s Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS).

    The aim of the Special Data Dissemination Standard is to enhance international transparency of economic and financial data, to ensure the realization of balanced macroeconomic policy, and to develop the trust and interest of potential foreign economic partners and investors in a given country. The Special Data Dissemination Standard facilitates members in participating on capital markets.The NBG, as a part of the National Statistical System, is given the legal authority and responsibility for the production and dissemination of:

    • Monetary and Financial Statistics
    • Balance of Payments Statistics
    • International Investment Position Statistics
    • Foreign Debt Statistics
    • International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity Statistics
    • Exchange Rate Statistics
    • Interest Rate Statistics

    Since January 2007, the Statistical Time Series has been posted on the NBG's website with appropriate methodological notes. Provisional information concerning the timing of data releases for a four months horizon is presented in the Advance Release Calendar.