Statistics section presents miscellaneous information about the financial and external sector in Georgia. According to the Organic Law of Georgia on the National Bank, one of the functions of the National Bank of Georgia is to produce and disseminate financial and external sector statistics.


    Statistical data is produced in line with international standards and methodology, using the best practices. Data are presented as static tables (excel) and interactive dashboards, that suggests the best opportunities for data analyses.


    Statistical tables are grouped into various topics: Price indices; Monetary and financial statistics; Deposits; Loans; Financial markets; Foreign exchange market; Exchange rates; Payment systems and services; External sector; Analytical data; Consumer rights protection.


    Interactive dashboards are presented by Loans, Deposits, Financial Markets, Payment Systems, External sector and Monetary and financial statistics topics. Tables located in each topic enables to analyze data in the interactive mode.


    Statistics section also suggests interactive press releases about Loans, Deposits and Money Transfers. Georgian Lari yield curve, Main macroeconomic indicators and international rating are also presented in this section as well as the National Summary Data Page (NSDP).


    Statistical information is disseminated according to the advance release calendar.