For Visitors

Welcome to the National Bank of Georgia!

Please be aware of the following rules when visiting the Bank:

  • To enter the Bank, you will need a special access (visitor) card. Do not give your access card to others
  • Before you leave the Bank, please return the access card at the front desk
  • For internet access, you may use the NBG-Guest Wi-Fi. You can find the Wi-Fi password in the meeting rooms

Within the National Bank’s premises, the visitor is prohibited from:

  • Entering with, or using any type of guns or explosives
  • Entering with, or using illegal substances or alcohol
  • Using electronic cigarette and tobacco products
  • Entering under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances
  • Taking photos or filming videos, without prior approval
  • Using the Bank’s computer equipment, without prior approval

For additional information, please call: (+995) 322 406-406, extension number - 406