Recording the Claim Procedure

    Whom do we contact in case of a problem?


    When dissatisfied with a financial institution, you have the right to submit your claim to the financial institution through the channels listed below. Please note, however, that in order to use all of the channels listed below, you must double-check the information directly with your financial institution:


    • Submitting a letter / application/claim form to the branch
    • Email
    • Hotline
    • Social network
    • Internet bank / mobile bank
    • Other (e.g. webpage)


    After submitting a claim, the financial institution is obliged to examine your claim within 1 month in the form in which you filed the claim; or if you agree on on another response format, update you with the results of the study and, where possible, the terms of the complaint resolution.


    Additionally, you can also file a claim against a financial institution with the NBG’s Consumer Rights Protection Division through the following channels:


    • In writing
    • By email
    • Visit to site
    • Hotline
    • Social network


    Please note that a breach by a financial institution of the "Regulation on providing the necessary information by financial institutions to the customers when providing services" may not become a ground for voiding the agreement between you and the bank.

    National Bank of Georgia Hotline: 032 2 406 406