Who we are and what we offer

    The central bank currently employs over 500 people. We are constantly striving for greater productivity of our employees, which we do by caring for them: strengthening their motivation, promoting their professional development and creating a sound and comfortable work environment.


    To accomplish the task of professional development of staff, the Human Resources Management and Development Department of the National Bank of Georgia teams up with other business units of the NBG to schedule and implement advanced staff training in Georgia and abroad on an annual basis. This helps increase the staff efficiency and the quality of work performed, and develops their potential while enhancing their creative approach to work.


    The NBG business units engage in various projects to make sure the innovations are introduced and current activities are upgraded. This helps bring in greater dynamism to the organization, strengthen teamwork and promote employee self-accomplishment.


    The NBG fosters positive work environment, with the management pursuing the open and direct cooperation practice. The core values ​​of the National Bank are:


    • Professionalism
    • Honesty
    • Teamwork
    • Trust and mutual respect
    • Focus on development