Story of Lari Sign creation

    NBG has announced Lari sign competition in December 2013. The temporary commission consisting of representatives of NBG, the Budget and Finance Committee of the Parliament of Georgia, the State Council of Heraldry, the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia has been created. 

    In order to identify the winner sign commission has given priority to the samples presented by the conception designed with Georgian Mkhedruli inscription and made a point of the following criteria: conception, design, accordance with Georgian alphabet, existence of elements marking the currency, possibility of outlining easily and also observance of requests and recommendations determined by competition rules. 

    Lari sign is based on graphic outline of Georgian one arched letter "L"(Lasi). According to the world experience with regard to various signs the first symbol of the sign is crossed by one or two parallel lines. It is notable that with regard to various currency signs addition of parallel lines is designed to transform a letter-mark into sign. In the Lari currency sign the two parallel lines crossed the Georgian (Lasi) are the organic parts of the letter. The so called "leg" of "LASI" represented by horizontal line is the necessary attribute of the sign and adds monumental statics to the upper dynamic arc. The outline of the letter-mark is transformed on purpose in the design in order to simplify its perception and implementation as a Lari sign. 

    The author of the winner sign is an artist-ceramist by profession Malkhaz Shvelidze. Lari Sign temporary commission named the co-authors of the winning concept: David Birman, Alexander Sukiasov, Avtandil Sharvadze, Akaki Razmadze, Giorgi Kurtanidze, Zurab Giorgadze, David Virabian, Giorgi Bokhua, Giorgi Qoqrashvili, Kakhaber Kobidze, Lasha Danelia, Ivane Mgaloblishvili, Gocha Chogovadze, David Beitrishvili, Tengiz Gogolashvili, Ilia Martashvili, Anatoli Giorgadze.

    In order to ensure correct adopting of Lari sign, the National Bank of Georgia developed the "Lari Sign Implementation Principles and Supplementary Manual".