Saving is collecting money for the future for one purpose or another. The purpose of the savings can be different: to raise money for education, to buy a house or a car, to prepare for unforeseen expenses, and so on.


    There are many different ways to create savings. For example, you may open a bank deposit for this purpose or simply save money at home. However, when deciding on an approach to saving, it is necessary to consider how safe it is and what benefits and risks are associated with using any particular way of saving.


    It is advisable to know the basic questions that you need to ask about savings. The answers to your questions will help you to discover as to where and in which terms the saving would be more effective for you to achieve the set goals.


    It is also crucial to be able to set savings goals accurately, be aware of saving alternatives, well-informed on selecting bank deposits and on how secure these are.


    More information on these and other issues is available on the Financial Education Portal (Text available only in Georgian).