Participant criteria


    RTGS system participants can be:

    • Commercial bank and Micro bank licensed by National Bank of Georgia;
    • Treasury Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia;
    • National Bank of Georgia;


    The applicant will be eligible to participate in the National Bank system only if it meets all the requirements and obligations set out in the rules of the RTGS system.


    1. An applicant shall apply in written form to the National Bank of Georgia for inclusion in the system and, if necessary, submit a participant's application form or other additional information specified in the rules of the system.


    2. The National bank will consider the application and notify the applicant of the decision taken within the time frame specified in the rules of RTGS system.


    3. In case of positive decision, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

    • The system participant must hold a bank identifier code by which the system will identify it in accordance with the established rules;
    • The system participant must hold a correspondent/current account with the National Bank of Georgia.
    • The system participant is obliged to maintain the system software provided by the National Bank of Georgia, all its auxiliary components, including electronic signatures in the payment messages, and ensure continuous exchange of information between the RTGS system and the internal system.


    4. The system operator provides support to the applicant for testing in a test environment and conducts training according to the agreed plan.


    5. If the applicant successfully passes the testing and meets the criteria for participation in accordance with the rules of RTGS system, an agreement is concluded between the system operator and the participant on participation in the Real Time Gross Settlement System.