Managing personal finances

    If you are interested in financial education, you have probably heard the opinion that a financially educated consumer makes wise and informed decisions when managing personal finance, which is a key prerequisite for their financial well-being.


    What is personal finance management? It is the management of the consumer's own cash resources or the revenue received by them. This, in turn, involves the distribution of these revenues, i.e. the planning of expenses and savings to be made, as well as the setting of financial goals and the selection of ways to achieve these. As necessity prompts, the process also entails finding additional sources of funding through loans. In this process, it is very important to make wise decisions based on mindfulness and responsibility.


    Awareness of personal finance management and our recommendations will help you set and implement financial goals accurately. We are more than happy to give you tips on how to budget for your income and expenses, how to spend money wisely, and how to avoid unnecessary expenses.


    It is advisable to be familiar with the basic financial products and services used in the personal finance management process: utility and other types of payments, money transfers, savings and other day-to-day operations.


     More information on these and other issues is available on the Financial Education Portal (Text available only in Georgian).