How you can join us


    The enrollment with the National Bank of Georgia starts with an open competition.


    Open competition


    The NBG uses the practice of open, closed and simplified public competitions for the vacant positions it announces. The principles of competition at the National Bank are: legality, equality before the law, economy and efficiency, impartiality, equal access to public service for the citizens of Georgia, political neutrality, transparency and openness.


    The NBG has a special regulation that covers the terms and procedures for holding open, closed and simplified public competitions. It describes the steps of the competition, and explains how the competition committee is set up and how it works.




    In addition, the National Bank of Georgia provides the opportunity for interested students and graduates to undergo internships and gain practical experience at the NBG. The goal of the program is to guide students and graduates of different backgrounds through the work specifics, goals and principles of the National Bank of Georgia; to help them engage in the multidimensional undertakings of the NBG, develop relevant skills and competencies and gain the necessary work experience.


    The National Bank of Georgia invites candidates to apply for the internship programs, provided that they study at higher, authorized institutions on the territory of Georgia and are:


    • Undergraduate 3rd or 4th year
    • 1st or 2nd level of master's degree
    • Graduates


    In addition, the candidate is expected to have relevant theoretical knowledge, or, during the current academic year, study the subjects that will help properly perceive and process information in the course of the internship at the National Bank of Georgia. The work schedule for the selected interns is compatible with their academic activities.


    Involvement in ongoing projects


    The National Bank of Georgia frequently announces a competition through social networks to participate in ongoing projects. These often involve the publication of articles, essay contests and much more.