Announced Treasury Securities Auctions

    Georgian Treasury Securities Issue Announcement

    Auction Number         33
    ISIN         GETC26128024
    Term of Security 182 Days         1581 Days
    Security Description         5 Year T-Note
    Nominal Value         1000 ₾
    Offering Amount         35 000 000 ₾
    Currently Outstanding         294 650 000 ₾
    Coupon Rate          8.125%
    Auction Date         28-Sep-21
    Settlement Date         30-Sep-21
    Maturity Date         28-Jan-26
    Coupon Dates  1/28/2022 

    Min. Competitive Bid         50 000 ₾
    Max. Non-Competitive Bid         50 000 ₾
    Max. Own Bid-Commercial Bank         75% of total Issue
    Max. Bid-Single Client         75% of total Issue
    Primary Auction Platform         BLOOMBERG BAS
    Participants         Georgian Commercial Banks
    Auction Method         Multiple Price
    Bids Submission Starting Time         11:45 a.m.
    Bids Submission Closing Time         12:00 p.m.
    Coupon Frequency           Semiannual


    1. The auction participants must be familiar with and accept the terms and conditions of the “Regulation on the Issue, Circulation, Registration and Redemption of Treasury Bills and Treasury Notes Issued by the Ministry of Finance of Georgia” and confess mandatory execution of this regulation;
    2. The coupon of the T-Note will be determined by rounding the weighted average interest rate of the auction to 1/8 summand;
    3. The auction results will be published on web-sites of the National Bank of Georgia and the Ministry of Finance of Georgia, by 6pm of the auction day and in Bloomberg: {NBGB <GO>}, {NI AUC <GO>} by 2pm.
    4. All times Tbilisi time, GMT+4. Georgia does not observe daylight-savings.