Amendments in System rules


    The National Bank may determine changes in the rules of the RTGS system in order to ensure financial stability and proper functioning of the RTGS system.


    Within a reasonable time frame, National Bank of Georgia is obliged to inform the participants (if necessary, the relevant divisions of the National Bank), in written or in other acceptable form to the Parties, in accordance with the communication and data security requirements determined by the rules of RTGS system, regarding changes related to operation of and participation rights in the system, for example:


    • Participant's users profiles;
    • Operating hours;
    • Beginning of the process of liquidation of a participant;
    • Adding a participant;
    • About Participant status or code change
    • Change of treasury codes.
    • Transactions types codes and/or rules for their processing
    • System settings
    • Changes to fees
    • And etc.