World savings day

World savings day

31 October, 2014
Georgia celebrates world savings day for the third time this year. The Executive Director of the National Bank of Georgia Giorgi Melashvili held a press-event dedicated to savings day. “National Bank always supports initiatives that serve raising of financial awareness in the country. Savings day is a reminder that every one of us has to learn how to properly allocate our incomes and expenditures” – said Giorgi Melashvili.

Savings day, which counts long history, is celebrated in many countries of the world (since 1925). The campaign planned for the savings day aims to raise financial awareness of population. This event, with participation of different financial institutions, the National Bank, academies and associations, will also contribute to restoration of public trust towards financial sector. World savings day is a good way to overcome the barrier between population and commercial banks. 

Organizers of the event are the National Bank of Georgia, German Foundation of Savings Banks for International Cooperation and eight commercial banks: Bank of Georgia, TBC Bank, Liberty Bank, Cartu Bank, VTB Bank, Bank Republic, BasisBank and ProCredit Bank.

World savings day 2014 will be more broadly celebrated. Key events will be held in Tbilisi and Kutaisi. In particular, children and parent event will be held in Tbilisi Rikhe Park on November 1 and on November 2 – in Kutaisi on a central square in front of Meskhishvili Theater. Company “MULTI PULTIS SAMKHARO” will host children in both cities from 14:00, with entertainment program and characters form fairy tales, different games, competitions, humor and educational bits.     
The events will also feature commercial banks, which provide different support; they will distribute booklets; Georgian symbol of world saving day with “Grovia” will be displayed in bank branches, on ATM machines, websites and social media. 

A special website is launched; the website contains information about savings day, banking products, services and in general, about customer rights.

SBFIC carries out the project “accumulation of saving and financial capabilities” in Georgia and Azerbaijan. The project is supported by the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany.