Upgraded Georgian Lari Banknotes

Upgraded Georgian Lari Banknotes

03 November, 2015
The National Bank of Georgia will release in circulation upgraded lari banknotes in 2016. The NBG Governor Giorgi Kadagidze said at the presentation held in “Rooms Tbilisi” Hotel.

According to him the upgraded 20, 50 and 100 GEL banknotes will be released gradually and will be in circulation along with the banknotes of the previous emissions.

”This is the first major update of lari banknotes design in 20 years. This project brings together a number of important dates related to the production of banknotes. First, 2015 year is a jubilee for the GEL. This was a new epoch in the monetary history. Therefore, we have symbolically coincided the renewal with the date; second, the National Bank is replacing faded and damaged banknotes with newer ones. The Bank had to refill reserves. It came at a good time because the process would require additional financial resources. Third – it is an international practice and technological progress. At the time, the lari banknotes were of quite high standard and met international demands. Over the years, printing process has improved, more powerful safety signs have been created, and there are new trends in terms of design as well. Because of this, we have decided to update lari banknotes, which will occupy its place among the world currencies” – Giorgi Kadagidze stated at the presentation.

Original and well-known Lari banknote themes have been preserved on upgraded banknotes, but at the same time, histories featured on the banknotes have been diversified with distinct, new elements. The modified design presents Georgian cultural and historical heritage with more precision and modern appearance.

The upgraded Lari banknotes are characterized with distinct color spectrum that is harmonically synchronized with dominant and contrast colors of the main plots.
Sizes of lari banknotes have been upgraded as well. The diagonal and symmetric growth principle has been used with the respect to the face value of the banknote.
The style of design, parameters and security features of the upgraded banknotes are modern, tested and consecutive for each denomination. Furthermore, the components of the design are maximally integrated into security features, which consequentially create concept of the one family.
The upgraded Lari banknotes are protected with modern and high technological and security features that, at the same time, are easily intelligible to the users. Furthermore, the banknotes still have the special improved features for visually impaired people.
Upgraded banknotes are made with special materials and security mechanisms that make them robust against contamination and natural wear-and-tear.
The world’s leading security printing companies such as “Giesecke & Devrient” (Germany), “Oberthur Fiduciaire” (France), “De La Rue”(England) have participated in the process of improvement of the upgraded design for the Lari banknotes carried by National Bank of Georgia.
The banknotes of the previous issues will remain in parallel circulation with upgraded lari banknotes.
The banknotes in denominations of 5 and 10 lari will be upgraded later.  
The detailed information about the 20, 50, 100 GEL updated banknotes is available on the special web-page: