The national Bank Of Georgia Hosts Visa Workshop

The national Bank Of Georgia Hosts Visa Workshop

24 April, 2017

International payments company VISA, with the support of the National Bank of Georgia, is hosting two-day workshop addressing the topics of the electronic payments and financial education. Main purpose of the meeting is to increase awareness, improve the financial education and client confidence towards the electronic payment system and its instruments.

Representatives of media attended the opening session of the workshop. Within the framework, they discussed the following topics: influence of electronic payments on country's economic development, electronic payment systems and the international experience of its formation, innovations in the tax payment systems.

Individuals of the Ministry of Education and Science, National Center for Teacher Professional Development, National Bank of Georgia and non-governmental organizations will attend the following day of the workshop. They will discuss: cash value and amount, financial inclusion and financial education, adjusting electronic payment systems under the "VisaNet" example, risk advisory in the tax payment systems and technological influence on innovative product development.

The director of the VISA School of Public Policy, Madjid Houdjari conducted the workshop session. Participants received certificates of the workshop. 

As the vice-governor of the National Bank of Georgia, Murtaz Kikoria stated: "Development of payment systems and maintaining the trust of costumers towards the payment systems is very crucial for the National Bank of Georgia. Also, one of the main functions is to secure, sustain and support effective functioning of the payment systems in the country. We believe, the workshops aiming to advance the financial education of the customers, will increase awareness of the trends of the payment card market and will increase the trust in civil society towards the payment systems."

"VISA School of Public Policy workshops are designed to provide participants with an overview of electronic payments, the benefits that it provides and the specific role of the various stakeholders in the payments industry. We believe, that throughout the framework of increasing the financial education, role of media is as vital, as the role of National Bank of Georgia. Increasing public awareness of financial education helps develop skills and intensifies the trust of the costumers towards the payment systems"-stated the director of the VISA School of Public Policy, Madjid Houdjari.

Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) is a global payments technology company that connects consumers, businesses, banks and governments in more than 200 countries and territories, enabling them to use electronic payments. VISA as the world's largest electronic payments network, uses network: VisaNet. It can process more than 65,000 transactions in the time period of one second. The company's network provides the customers with secure services.