Memorandum on Cooperation

Memorandum on Cooperation

05 May, 2014
NBG starts implementing another project for promoting education

"I'd like to address representatives of financial sector, whole business society, to stress that social responsibility is not a tribute to be paid to the society by the businessmen. First and foremost, it is an investment in the image, reputation, corporative culture, which is the right way for development and for ensuring income and dividends in the long run. Therefore I want once again to address managers and owners of successful companies to open doors for students, youngsters, who doesn't' have working experience, since the right way is to give chance to these youngsters, this is the way towards the developed world" said Giorgi Kadagidze, on the press-conference in the NBG, devoted to the beginning of the internship  project. On the initiative of the NBG and the Ministry of Education and Science, the implementation of a student's internship new project has started all over Georgia. The purpose of the project is to facilitate access to employment for excellent students.

Association of Microfinance Organizations answered this joint initiative of NBG and MoES and expressed readiness to provide students with internships in the member organizations head offices and regional branches. Students will get to know activities of microfinance organizations and will become directly involved in everyday processes, attaining practical skills.

Target group of the project are students registered in the database of socially vulnerable families, with the active scores of less than 70 000, and who are in their final years at the first and the second education stages on the following programs: Accounting, finance and marketing. 

Internship will take two months and will cover the whole country. It is also important that students studying in regions will be involved in the internships in microfinance organizations in the same regions so that they won't have to interrupt their studies.

In the beginning 64 students will be take part in the internship in 16 microfinance organizations in 9 regions of Georgia.

Today, the cooperation memorandum was signed by the Governor of the NBG, Giorgi Kadagidze, Minister of Education and Science, Tamar Sanikidze and the Chairman of the Association of Microfinance Organizations association, Archil Bakuradze.

This project which will continue for one year will help students in facilitating access to employment, and will also help the employers to find, select and employ qualified personnel.