Koba Gvenetadze has discussed the financial literacy topics with the youth. “Learn. Save. Earn” – Georgia Celebrates Global money week

Koba Gvenetadze has discussed the financial literacy topics with the youth. “Learn. Save. Earn” – Georgia Celebrates Global money week

30 March, 2017

"Learn. Save. Earn" - Georgia Celebrates Global Money Week

During the fourth celebration of Global Money Week, the National Bank of Georgia in cooperation with National Youth and Children's Palace, St. George's British-Georgian School, commercial banks, techno parks, schools and universities organized several events.

Global Money Week is celebrated annually throughout the world, in March and is oriented on increasing the financial, economic and entrepreneur education in children and youth. In the framework of the event, children and youth are engaging in workshops in finances, children's rights and entrepreneurship. This year's main theme/message is: "Learn. Earn. Save."

Today, the Governor of the National Bank of Georgia, Koba Gvenetadze met with participants from the National Youth and Children's Palace and St. George's British-Georgian School in NBG's Cash Center.

The youth took an educational tour in the Cash Center and discussed the topics of financial education and engagement with the Governor of NBG. Moreover, they received prizes and pamphlets of "Global Money Week" developed by "Finca Bank" and NBG. 

"The range of the Global Money Week is increasing annually and Georgia is stepping up with the development. In 2016, Global Money Week was celebrated in 132 countries by 14,000 organizations. More than 7 million children and youth were engaged in various types of events.

I believe, any meeting associated with financial education is vital.  We had the first meeting of financial education committee, where the priorities were discussed. Committee includes representatives from the Government of Georgia, Administration of the President of Georgia, commercial banks, microfinance organizations, universities and international organizations. This is the initiative, which will increase the financial education level in the future. Engagement in the process must commence in the earlier ages, hence the costumers will be more acknowledged in the financial aspects, leading to the precise decisions. It will have a positive mark on country's financial welfare. Global Money Week is celebrated for the fourth year, I am engaged in the experience, since it carries an important mission.

It is worth mentioning, that by implementing the projects serving the core purpose of developing the national strategy of financial education and education of younger generation, NBG is invited to the "Global Inclusion Award 2017". Event will take place on May 3rd, 2017 in Berlin, where NBG with other finalists is nominated in the category "Regional Projects" - stated the Governor of NBG, Koba Gvenetadze.

National Bank of Georgia in cooperation with National Youth and Children Palace, St. George's British-Georgian School, in the framework of the Global Money Week children participated in drawing, photography and essay writing contests on topic of finance and entrepreneurship. The winners (authors of the best work) are invited in the Museum of Money, Kvareli on April 1st, to attend the lectures on the history and functions of NBG, activities of commercial banks, history of money and information regarding the Global Money Week.  Moreover, Children form the National Youth and Children Palace will visit the Techno Park, where they will attend the lecture on innovations, technologies and entrepreneurship, will become familiar with work of start-ups. NBG will visit the University of Business and Technology children's club - BTU Kids - where children will have an interactive lesson on budgeting, analyzing transactions of banks and savings.

During the Global Money Week, commercial banks - "Finca Bank", "Bank of Georgia" and "TBC Bank" organized numerous entertaining and intellectual projects, while Business and Technology University and Ilia State University's business incubator organized several educational activities.