Conference on The Financial Soundness Indicators

Conference on The Financial Soundness Indicators

16 June, 2014

On June 12-13 NBG participated in the conference on the financial soundness indicators, organized by Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Tbilisi. On the conference were presented the final results of the joint project of ADB, NBG, Geostat and ISET.

The objective of the project is the improvement of financial soundness indicators statistics. Project involved organizational, methodological and practical works. Among them are works first performed within statistical work practice: sample survey of financial assets and liabilities in non-financial corporations; sample survey of pawnshops, residential and commercial real estate market price research.
The findings of these studies have great importance for calculating financial soundness indicators related to households, non-financial corporations, and real estate markets.

NBG will publish respective indicators both on its own the web-page and on the IMF financial indicators page

In April 2012 NBG joined IMF initiative to maintain and disseminate financial soundness indicators and started publishing on IMF financial soundness webpage the relevant information, gathered according to the international methodology.  This webpage already includes similar information for 91 countries. At present, financial soundness indicators per IMF methodology consist of 40 indicators out of which 12 are core indicators and 28 – encouraged. Out of those NBG publishes all core indicators and 17 encouraged ones ( As a result of the project implementation NBG plans to publish 7 additional indicators.