"Take Part. Save Smart!" - Global Money Week in Georgia

"Take Part. Save Smart!" - Global Money Week in Georgia

17 March, 2016
The National Bank of Georgia, with the coordination from Children and Youth Finance International (CYFI), and in cooperation with the Children and Youth National Palace of Georgia, celebrated the Global Money Week (GMW) for the third time in Georgia.

The Global Money Week is celebrated annually in many countries of the world in the second week of March. The main purpose of the GMW is to support the involvement of the young generation in the discussions on the questions of saving, transformation of economic systems and financial future. The GMW also aims at fostering the children and youth’s financial capabilities. This year’s theme is: “Take Part. Save Smart!”

Within the frames of the Global Money Week, the National Palace organized the drawing, photography and essay competition on the topic: “Take Part. Save Smart!” The authors of the best works were invited by the NBG to a field trip to the NBG’s Money Museum in Kvareli.

In the Money Museum, the NBG representatives held a lecture on the history of the National Bank of Georgia, its mission and functions, as well as the role and activities of the commercial banks. Children and youth also got acquainted to the history of money and received information on the culture of saving within the frames of the Global Money Week.

Giorgi Melashvili, Executive Director of the National Bank of Georgia, stated: “The Global Money Week was celebrated last year in 124 countries; over 900 organizations and more than 5 million children were involved in different activities. We believe that the annual celebration of the Global Money Week will enable us to share the information on money, saving, and management of personal finances to more children and youth. All this will help improve the financial education levels among children and youth and foster financial inclusion.”

Within the frames of the Global Money Week, Finca Bank Georgia is also planning to conduct educational activities.